2018 February 4th Conscious parenthood-CHILDHOOD ZV

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Grow with the baby.

Raising children is a challenge for every parent, teacher or educator. Parenting is potentially the most powerful opportunity for insight, healing, transformation, and spirituality if we are also willing to be parents of ourselves. All human experiences are stored in our body, the dimension of the forces and the processes that create and sustain our lives. Like the growth rings, all the experiences in us live in the presence all the time. Every adult carries traces and echoes of the past ages of his life at any given moment. These determine behavior, reactions, responses, access and blocks of internal resources and energy, relationships, well-being, creativity, and sense of direction and meaning. The “inner child” in our psyche is very often surrounded by defenses, instinctively raised in the past in the face of former threats.

These defenses are still there, overlapping our inner part which has hidden untapped potential for growth. All these inner layers are intensively activated through interactions with other people, especially with intimate partners and with our own children. Most of the difficulties in personal relationships, parenting and learning children are echoes of our own internal dimensions.

Child has a field that is growing, structuring, but also radically changing. If we do not catch these changes, we become irrelevant to the child, we lose it. This process has several control signals – such as – finding out that what we “functioned” before, no longer works, or you know the important information about the baby from someone other than him or her, etc. Staying “connected” in a soft tone to a child, not to lose its uniqueness is often a great challenge for the parent. Sometimes we do not know or we just do not notice that the baby needs something else. A great advantage in parenting until late puberty or adolescence is that children are almost without exception willing to forgive us and start over again. Later when they fully build up their personality and boundaries of personal freedom, for parents is much more complicated to affect what lives between them and their offspring.

That is why we offer a seminar for parents who are at a time when they can still change something about themselves and thus their relationship with the child.

The seminar has two in one – a look at the evolving needs of the child (from Waldorf pedagogy) together with the possibility of an individual experience experience with his / her child in an empathic relationship. This gives a unique opportunity to focus on general recommendations within the age range of the child and at the same time to experience understanding of the child in a particular difficult situation.

Workshop is conducted by

YEHUDA TAGAR – founder of Psychophonetics, coach, psychotherapist. He leads the School of Empathy in Bernolakovo, where he teaches psychophonetics for personal development and for therapeutic practice
MIROSLAVA HERIBANOVÁ – lecturer in Waldorf pedagogy. 


The workshop is in English with interpreting, Slovak is NOT needed

Location: Zvolen, Centrum ANAHÁTA, Hviezdoslavova 22
09:30 am to 6:00 pm
75 Eur (pair 120 Eur)

contact: 0905 659 599


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