We are looking for a personal transformation. We want tools to be with others in good relationships. We seek access to our own deep wisdom. We know that the answers are not “out there” and nobody tells us how to Live and Be. We are only ones who know what is best for us.

Whether you are considering a professional career as a counselor, or need a healing and a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings, the skills you gain in the study will be used everywhere. Just like reading and writing.

You can learn to “read” your soul and the souls of the other people. You can create and maintain close and warm human relationships with deep empathy on the basis of self-understanding – self-empathy. Clear old patterns, change childhood traces, heal trauma, help with anxiety and depression, solve psychosomatic problems …. just unfold Your higher potential.


  • You will begin to use an extraordinarily powerful psychopathic instrument – a methodical empathy.
  • Your ability to become self-conscious is greatly enhanced.
  • You transform yourself and acquire skills to help others in their personal development.
  • You gain deeper awareness of human beings and the world through unique insights into anthroposophy, psychophonetics and methodical empathy.
  • You will use work with body-gestures, verbal and artistic self-expression to deepen and realize your higher potential.
  • At the end of the course, you will be able to effectively process the life challenges in the self-therapy psychophonetics process.

If you are already working in helping professions, the social sector, health, education, coaching, counseling or psychotherapy, this course will bring you new perspectives and skills. Psychophonetics is a very new but also a very complicated tool that can be effectively managed in three years. Foundation year is the first step on this path. Psychophonetics is complex in itself, and even if you do not want to become a psychophonetics counselor – we guarantee you a significant commitment to your next level of development. You will get a certificate in mentoring for sustainable personal development, leadership and methodical empathy.

As early as November 2017, we are opening a Foundation year of study of methodical empathy with psychophonetics in the School of Empathy. During the evening, you will learn everything you need to know so you can decide if the study is interesting for you.

YEHUDA TAGAR – founder of Psychophonetics, coach, psychotherapist. He leads the School of Empathy in Bernolákovo, Slovakia, where he teaches the use of psychophonetics for personal development as well as for therapeutic practice.
(Australia, Israel, Great Britain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, South Africa, Panama)

The workshop is in English with interpreting, English speaking is NOT needed.

Location: Brighter Life Center, Hurbanovo nám. 5, Bratislava
18:00 – 21:00
free admission
PACE Stanka: 0905 659 599


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