2018 January 20-21 WOMAN THE LEADER

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You lead women’s circles, or you guide women during rituals, you lead the group or you are a priestess, you work with people as a manager, a therapist or a coach. You are still the woman who bestows her best. And you still want to grow, in-depth, in self-understanding, and in your own potential. What we bring to the world through ourselves is important to us, to the people we work with, and to the whole world. We are trying to make it a better place. We do not fight. We do not attack. We are just trying to be the best self to accept and allow things to happen. We are not passive, we are alive, sentient, receiving, acting. Sometimes we’re weak sometimes strong. Sometimes we listen sometimes we do not understand. Sometimes we dance sometimes we cry. Sometimes we get tired and sometimes we can all night.

We need very practical and effective tools to take care of self and each other. Within this half-year program, we will introduce and learn the basic tools of psychophonetics.

This seminar is intended to upgrade the leadership skills of women circle leaders in Slovakia. It was initiated by Vladislava Lukáčová after her meeting with the potential of skills for personal development and leadership offered by Yehuda Tagar’s seminars, based on Psychosophy, Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy.

The position of leadership of women’s circle is new and there is not formal training and qualification for it. Women do it out of inner calling, intuition, personal spiritual striving, their new women’s consciousness and creativity. May it always be that way. In support of this emerging culture it was thought that an upgrade of leadership skills for women’s circle leaders could be offered by an experienced international group leader, lecturer and trainer of psychotherapist Yehuda Tagar, founder of Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy, director of Psychophonetics Institute International and PACE – Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe.

Three areas of possible skills upgrade for women’s circle leaders were identified:

1. Self-Care & Self-Management skills for the women’s circle leader
2. Group Leadership Skills
3. Crisis Management



In this intimate and intensive work with women’s personal and spiritual development – group leaders expose themselves to a whole range of personal issues the women present, expose and project in the course of the women circle work together. Even though the leaders do not present themselves as therapists and even if they do not wish to take responsibility for the position of a therapist – when people open up and go into a process of personal change – whatever lives in them could be expressed and projected, asking for help.

With open heart and leading an open-hearted space – the leaders are likely to take on pressures and needs beyond their ability to address them properly, both because of personal limitation and because of the group process format. That can lead to compromise of sustainable boundaries and to accumulated stress.

Two strategies could be shared and practiced in the seminar to address that need:

  1. The clearing of past experiences of compromised boundaries and accumulated stress from such exposure.
  2. Skills for preventing future stress by preparation rituals for the strengthening of one’s boundaries and protection from taking in the projections and the needs of others beyond one’s choice to do so.



The ability of holding a group well is a combination of managing one’s inner space and the outer space that is being created for others. Both can be done consciously and skilfully.

The space required for the personal development of others is made of heart-energy that has to be generated and maintained. Intentions, ideology and concepts are not enough. If we invite people to open their hearts and share their inner life – the group space has to be upgraded to be able to hold people’s inner life safely. For that special conditions are required. A few special suggestions will be made, demonstrated and practiced which could help in creating methodically a special space for special soul work:

  1. The opening of a special space.
  2. The creation of a ‘safety contract’. We teach three levels of safety contract: The Assumed safety contract – being aware of what participants expect from the group leader in terms of personal safety; the Stated safety contract – confidentiality, Respect and Freedom; the Customised safety contract – the specific safety needs of specific participants.
  3. The clarity about what is to come – clearing the space from non-applicable expectation and preparing people for the relevant expectations.
  4. The blessing of the space, consecrating it an elevating it from the daily, normal everyday standard of expectations of human interaction – to dedicating the meeting to something higher, special, sacred.
  5. The spirit of safe sharing – establishing the standard of free sharing which is not to be a subject of comments, questions and discussions.
  6. The spirit of Empathy – introducing and conducting empathic processes between participants in which the appreciation of the experience of others with no judgement and advise is present.
  7. A clear plan of action – including a free space.
  8. A closure of the special space.



When people are invited to open up and be vulnerable in a group meeting dedicated to personal development – it is practically impossible to completely control what is going to come up. People project inner unfulfilled needs, wounds, fears, reactions, suppressed memories and internal characters, good and bad – into the group leader, participants and the group situation itself. Even if the group leader is equipped with the skills required to hold and to process a participant that is going into inner process – the space itself and the stated purpose of the meeting might not be able to hold it and fulfil the group contracted expectations at the same time.

Skills will be shared and practiced of how to handle a person in process – without getting deeper and deeper into the personal process of that person.

  1. Identify potential crisis
  2. Acknowledging personal need and process
  3. Using body awareness in order to ‘get out’ of a process – rather than ‘getting into’ a process.
  4. Observation and learning from personal crisis.


The program is practical and experiential. We will work on your own topics, experiences and challenges that you will bring, respectively. which we will find in the group during the discussions. Practical examples of solving different situations with psychophonetics tools.


YEHUDA TAGAR – founder of Psychophonetics, coach, psychotherapist. He leads the School of Empathy in Bernolakovo, where he teaches psychophonetics for personal development as well as for therapeutic practice. He has established several schools all over the world (Australia, Israel, Great Britain, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, South Africa, Panama) and currently lives and works primarily in Central Europe.

The workshop is in English with interpreting, English knowledge is NOT needed .


School of Empathy, Clementisova 20, Bernolakovo

Conditions for participants:
The program is intended for women who work with groups or who have some experience with therapies and want to expand their skills and deepen the quality of group work of any kind.
The workshop is an appropriate addition to our own work with groups, trauma and crises.

20.-21.01. 2018 09:30 – 17:30
24.-25.02. 2018 09:30 – 17:30
09.-10.06. 2018 09:30 – 17:30

The price:
WOMEN LEADER program (3 weekends) 400 Euro
It is possible to divide the fee into three, paid latest one week before each block of 150Euro/block
We consider the registration confirmed only after payment of a deposit of 75 Euros.
When paying the entire program, you please pay a deposit of 200 Euro and pay the rest on the first block.
We will send you the payment information after registration.

We recommend Pension Palenica in Bernolakovo or search for airbnb options. If you are ok with a modest sleeping in your own sleeping bag on the couch, we have 6-8 free places at our school. A fully equipped kitchenette and a bathroom are available.

PACE Stanka: 0905 659 599, slovakia@psychophonetics.com
SEBA-VEDOMA ZENA Vlaďka 0917 517 843, info@sebavedomazena.sk


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