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Dear colleagues, graduates, students and friends of Psychophonetics, Methodical Empathy,
Humanising the Workplace and Psychophonetics Participatory Medicine,

Since 2017 just came to an end – it feels to me more and more as if it was a kind of ‘warm up’ to what is coming now: a potent year of transformation, transition, contrasts and development, everywhere. So it is world-wide; so it is in our little and growing world of Psychophonetics.

In the course of 2017 Psychophonetics eventually became a reality in 5 continent: with the start and finish of the Foundation Year of Psychophonetics in Israel (in Hebrew for the first time!) Asia became a place where this work was really presented (in case you need a reminder that the Middle East is a part of Asia), and with 2 concentrated presentations in Panama Psychophonetics at long last arrived to America (all be it to Central America for now). It has been in operation in Australia since 1990, South Africa since 2002, in the UK since 2007 and in Europe (England is not really in Europe) since 2012. Seeds were now planted everywhere. Also in 2017 the first Terezin International Empathy Conference that I initiated and chaired took place in Terezin, hosted by Terezin University of Applied Psychology, with 70 delegates:

In Slovakia, which truly became the international centre of Psychophonetics, at Eche Homo House in Bernolakovo, just outside Bratislava – the first Advanced Diplomas of Psychophonetics Practitioners were given to the first Slovak graduate, Stanka Mikova, and to the first Hungarian graduate, Peter Antal. Six more graduates of the first group to complete the 3 years of Psychophonetics training are to graduate early this year from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary. Group D completed the Foundation Year with students from Slovakia, Czech Republic, UK, Germany and Austria and Panama, with most of them (plus members of Group B Czech republic and Israel) to join them, continuing to the second year, starting in 10 days; Czecho-Slovak (+Panama) Group C completed its 2nd year, with most of them continuing to the 3rd year in 2 days, and blessed group E has just started in November, with students from Slovakia, UK, Germany, Canada and Switzerland. For the first time since we started the Psychophonetics teaching in 2012 – three groups parallel will be studying Psychophonetics in Central Europe – Slovakia: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years. That is the completion of the transition of Psychophonetics Institute International centre of activities from England to Central Europe. To cap it all my son Uriel joined me twice this year for holidays in Slovakia, in August and in December. This was so beautiful. To be continued.

Just before – I have succeeded in obtain an extension of my business visa to Slovakia, a milestone in my incarnation into Central Europe, and to register here as a sole trader, with all the freedoms that these positions allow. A 4th post graduate seminar on Methodical Empathy and Self-Care to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals took place at the NHS trust in Lincolnshire, with an intention to extend this work to other parts of the UK headed by Dr Leela Monti, a Romanian and UK psychiatrist, and our senior colleague in the UK.

Hungary is re-enlivening for Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy, as PACE (Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe) is now a partner in an EU/Hungarian project for international cooperation, and an early December lecture tour in Budapest resulted in the keen interest of top Hungarian coaches and consultants to start Psychophonetics/Methodical Empathy courses in Budapest in April. Another welcome outcome of that tour is a completely new connection to a completely new country: Romania. Ani from Transylvania (Romanian Hungarian) discovered Psychophonetics and decided to take steps to introduce it to Romania. I am going to present Psychophonetics and Methodical Empathy to the Conference of the EBCC – European Board of Certified Counsellors in Bucharest. Also, yet to be confirmed, I hope to present lecture and a seminar on Participatory Mental Health with Psychophonetics and on Recovery in Later Life from Childhood Trauma of Sexual abuse at the April conference of the Romanian Association of Certified Psychologists – APAR (the conference is focused on Personality Disorders). These two conference are part of the intention to present Psychophonetics to Romania.

Also for April 2018 together with Dr James Laporta we intend to re-introduce Psychophonetics as a post-graduate training for health professional in Participatory Medicine and the Internal Physician – as an introduction to Psychophonetics training in Cape Town. We are in early stage of negotiating with 3 universities in Slovakia and in Czech Republic regarding the possibility of introducing Psychophonetics training and Humanising the Workplace consultancy short courses through their programs. More on that when there are news. Miroslava Heribanova is our new PACE coordinator as Stanka decided to focus on her practice of Psychophonetics for this year. Blessings on that Stanka and deep gratitude for your year work as the coordinator of PACE Slovakia. You made a lasting highly professional upgrade to our operation and organisational development at the heart of Europe.

We keep the door open for the renewal of Psychophonetics work in Germany, Australia, Israel/ Palestine and America. So we will be busy in 2018! 2017 was a good warm up, as I said in the beginning.Wish us well.
Blessings on all those who are working for the humanising of human society everywhere. The challenge is waging on. Blessing on the contribution of each one of you, of Psychosophy and Psychophonetics – to that challenge.May we meet fruitfully in the coming year.

Yehuda Tagar
Psychophonetics Institute International
PACE – Psychosophy Academy of Central Europe