2018 January 23 -28

Certificate in Mentoring for Personal Development & Leadership Skills
Holistic processes for self awareness, self mastery, self healing and transformation for personal, professional and spiritual development.
A part-time one-year course, based on 7 intensive seminars of 5 days (33 + 2 days per year) for rejuvenation of health, self care, creativity and confidence in one’s inner resources for life, relationship, work and personal development.


2018 January 20-21st

You lead women’s circles, or you guide women during rituals, you lead the group or you are a priestess, you work with people as a manager, a therapist or a coach. You are still the woman who bestows her best. And you still want to grow, in-depth, in self-understanding, and in your own potential. What we bring to the world through ourselves is important to us, to the people we work with, and to the whole world. We are trying to make it a better place. We do not fight. We do not attack. We are just trying to be the best self to accept and allow things to happen. We are not passive, we are alive, sentient, receiving, acting. Sometimes we’re weak sometimes strong. Sometimes we listen sometimes we do not understand. Sometimes we dance sometimes we cry. Sometimes we get tired and sometimes we can all night.
We need very practical and effective tools to take care of self and each other. Within this half-year program, we will introduce and learn the basic tools of psychophonetics.


2018 February 4th

Raising children is a challenge for every parent, teacher or educator. Parenting is potentially the most powerful opportunity for insight, healing, transformation, and spirituality if we are also willing to be parents of ourselves. All human experiences are stored in our body, the dimension of the forces and the processes that create and sustain our lives. Like the growth rings, all the experiences in us live in the presence all the time. Every adult carries traces and echoes of the past ages of his life at any given moment. These determine behavior, reactions, responses, access and blocks of internal resources and energy, relationships, well-being, creativity, and sense of direction and meaning. The “inner child” in our psyche is very often surrounded by defenses, instinctively raised in the past in the face of former threats.